La Valse

2011 Dance film by Thierry De Mey

La Valse is dance a film by Thierry De Mey based on the choreography created on Maurice Ravel’s La Valse as the final part of ZOO’s performance Accords. Created as part of the triptych Equi Voci, the film La Valse exists in versions for one or three screens. It has also been presented with a live orchestra.

Starting with Maurice Ravel’s choreographic poem for orchestra, Thomas Hauert has produced an abstract composition in which intercerebrality, the mental space between the performers is experienced as a flock of birds unleashing the complexity of its figures, with no conductor and with no pre-established plan. The harmonies, the melodies, the counterpoints are translated, amplified or physically deflected by the dancers. The rhythms travel from body to body to form captivating polyphonies of movement, a dynamic to which Thierry De Mey presented a response in the dance film La Valse: here he sets up the whirling rhetoric of acrobatics.

Concept and direction Thierry De Mey
Choreography Thomas Hauert
Dancers Thomas Hauert, Martin Kilvady, Sara Ludi, Zoe Poluch, Mat Voorter, Samantha van Wissen, Liz Kinoshita, Albert Quesada, Gabriel Schenker, Fabián Barba, Eun Kyung Lee, Sirah Foighel, Franziska Aigner, Marisa Cabal, Marco Torrice
Music La Valse Maurice Ravel
Performed by The Vienna Philharmonic, directed by Lorin Maazel
Costumes OWN
Production Charleroi Danses
Coproduction Arte France – Eroïca Productions -ZOO/Thomas Hauert

31 May 2024
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La Valse

Dance film by Thierry De Mey