ZOO workshop

Workshops, classes, events & lectures at Tictac art centre

A ZOO workshop – directed by Thomas Hauert – will have a special focus on the didactical method underlying the teaching of ZOO tools for dance improvisations. Other activities are scheduled during two weeks in the mornings, evenings and week-end by the core members of ZOO, Sarah Ludi, Samantha Van Wissen, Mat Voorter, Gabriel Schenker, Liz Kinoshita, Fabian Barba and our close artistic collaborators Chevalier-Masson.

First week of the workshops and morning classes (2th-6th of September)
9.00-10.00 Gabriel Schenker: Pilates
10.00-12.00 Gabriel Schenker: Solo on Gershwin
13.30-17.30 Thomas Hauert will focus on expanding movement vocabulary: didactically progressive introduction and practice of exercises and games designed to expand our movement vocabulary, invent movement rather than reproduce learned co-ordinations. Multitasking, splitting the body into several “independent” actions. Using partners (assistants) suggesting/ imposing movement to short-circuit habits.

Weekend workshops (7th & 8th of September)
10.00-13.00 Textile designers Anne Masson & Eric Chevalier: monotype print process.
Eric Chevalier & Anne Masson propose to experiment a monotype imprints process, worked out in duo and in group, to produce graphic colourful textile surfaces. The workshop is meant as an impulse to make things together, through a playfull basic technique, involving spatial and possibly choregraphic issues.
14.30-17.30 Fabian Barba: Slugs’ garden.

Second week of the workshops and morning classes (9th-13th of September)
9.00-10.00 Mat Voorter: warm up improvisation / transformation.
10.00-12.00 Liz Kinoshita: Mechanism of the musical.
13.30-17.30 Thomas Hauert will focus on the didactically progressive introduction and practice of the ZOO games for improvising as a group, making connections in space, time and body shapes. Several interdependent individuals form one single organism together (at a distance). interactions require an extreme state of attention, sensitivity and concentration combined with creativity, musicality and physicality.

Amateurs’ classes in the evenings (19:00-21:00)
2nd, 9th September – Samantha Van Wissen: In the moment
4th, 11th September – Samantha Van Wissen: Composition

Alexander technique sessions
Book during ZOO@tictac individual Alexander technique sessions with Sara Ludi (2nd -10th September)

5 September: Lecture by Gabriel Schenker: Selecting Candidates: a case-study of an audition for a contemporary dance school (in english)
12 September: Lecture by Fabian Barba: Whose contemporary dance? A conversation (in english)

ZOO’s technical manager/light designer, and visual artist Bert Van Dijck will have a residency / exhibition in Tictac Gallery during the whole period.

More information here zootictac-art-center-september-2019.pdf

MARCH 2021
Planning in progress

Workshops by Thomas Hauert, Gabriel Schenker, Mat Voorter, Liz Kinoshita, Fabian Barba, Samantha Van Wissen, Chevalier-Masson
Alexander technique cession by Sarah Ludi
Lectures by Gabriel Schenker, Fabian Barba
Exhibition by Bert Van Dijck
Production ZOO/Thomas Hauert
Thanks Tictac art center, directed by David Zambrano & Mat Voorter

Tictac art center, Brussels

22 March - 2 April 2021
Tictac art center Brussels (BE)
2-13 September 2019
Tictac art center Brussels (BE)

ZOO workshop

Workshops, classes, events & lectures at Tictac art centre