Hauert’s work is essentially based on the body’s movement possibilities. Thomas Hauert aims to open up and disrupt movement vocabulary and composition methods to propose an unprecedented choreographic language. Improvisation plays a key role in his artistic project. This experience has led him to develop specific teaching methods. He gives regular workshops in and outside of Europe and is the academic responsible of the new bachelor in contemporary dance at La Manufacture in Lausanne since 2014.

Every joint of our body has its range of movement and there are countless combinations possible. The body possesses a great practical knowledge, that goes way beyond what the mind’s consciousness is able to process, about its anatomy and its mechanics, their actions and reactions, and their interactions with external forces (gravity, centrifugal- and centripetal force, another body etc.).

A complete picture/sense of the body rather than a list of cerebral criteria allows for far more complex movement (forms and qualities) because our mind can concentrate only on a few things at one time while our body is able to combine a great amount of information in an ever changing, fluid sense of orientation, that can serve as a sensor for potential movement: physical intuition, creativity that comes into existence by purely physical circumstances, no thought is necessarily formed between the moment of ‘inspiration’ and the execution of the movement.

In a progressive series of improvisational tasks with one or more partners, exchanging information sensorially, in touch or at a distance, we will take advantage of this phenomenon to create forms, rhythms, movement qualities and trajectories far more sophisticated than the ones our conscious mind could invent. We will be guided out of our habitual tracks, patterns will be distorted or overridden.

In addition to the work on the individual body we’re going to focus on composing the movement of a group. The movement of individuals within a group can be connected and united. Like the musicians of an orchestra playing together one piece of music the dancers in a space can create a unity by connecting rather than juxtaposing their movement. Shapes or positions in space can be related and given the visual equivalents of harmony or dissonance (vertical connections on the timeline) and the dancers can also create connections referring to past or future events, like melodies, rhythms and dynamics do in music (horizontal connections on timeline). It can be helpful to think about those connections in musical terms to help us find equivalents in movement, yet also here our instrument, the body, and another often underestimated agent: the group, prove to provide abilities to achieve interconnected, interactive movement structures that our individual, conscious minds could never have conceived of. We’ll be tapping into swarm intelligence/collective intelligence, swopping constantly between leading and following or doing both at the same time, taking the responsibility to initiate as well as the responsibility to play your part in the development of other people’s proposals or of unconsciously emerging structures, keeping an overview over the group composition while assuming your role within it.

14-25 January 2019
Tic-Tac Art Center Brussels (BE)
17-21 December 2018
27-30 November 2018
Linha de Fuga Coimbra (PT)
03-07 September 2018
Institut del Teatre Barcelona (ES)
04-08 September 2017
Institut del teatre Barcelona (ES)
01-04 May 2017
28 February - 01 March 2017
21-24 February 2017
16-20 January 2017
29 November - 02 December 2016
Festival El Cruce Rosario (AR)
08-12 August 2016
La Caldera Barcelona (ES)
27 June - 01 July 2016
02-06 May 2016
24-28 August 2015
La Caldera Barcelona (ES)
05-10 February 2015
05-09 January 2015
01-12 December 2014
EM:FOCO Concepcion (CL)
21-25 July 2014
Impulstanz Vienna (AT)
21-30 April 2014
09-13 December 2013
06-10 November 2013
06-10 May 2013
07-12 May 2012
02-06 April 2012
Muelle 3 Bilbao (ES)
05-08 March 2012
06-10 February 2012
24-27 January 2012
International Dance Dialogues New York City (US)
16-20 January 2012
Studio 303 Montreal (CA)
09-13 January 2012
18-23 April 2011
11-12 November 2010
19-30 July 2010
Cia. Mudances Barcelona (ES)
27-28 March 2010
27-31 July 2009
Panetta Movement Center New York City (US)
27-28 June 2009
Dampfzentrale Bern (CH)
15-19 June 2009
Cia. Mudances Barcelona (ES)
11-14 December 2008
01-05 December 2008
22-23 November 2008
Tanz in Olten Olten (CH)
07-11 November 2008
Panorama Festival Rio de Janeiro (BR)
27-31 October 2008
Charleroi Danses Charleroi (BE)
13-15 October 2008
Cia. Mudances Barcelona (ES)
12-18 September 2008
Festival Arts Alive Johannesburg (ZA)
12-15 August 2008