The basis for Parallallemande is a composition by Johann Sebastian Bach, Allemande from the Partita ll, BWV 1004 for a solo instrument. The piece is composed of three sections of five minutes each : a solo by Thomas Hauert to a trumpet performance of the Allemande, a solo by Chrysa Parkinson or Mat Voorter to a violin performance of the same piece, and finally a duet to the two recordings layered one on top of the other.

According to Thomas Hauert, “I’ve superimposed two recordings, one version performed by a violin, the other by a trumpet. Performances that are different in colour, dynamic and tempo as the two instruments offer specific qualities while posing certain limits. Listening simultaneously to the two presents a very particular aural experience. Outside of the obvious appearance of counterpoints, harmonies and dissonances, it’s as if the movement of the music (the melody, its dynamics) is lived spatially in our heads. At times, in order to follow both instruments, our attention is split in two; or we hear new strains because we missed a change in the melody and slid from one instrument to another without noticing. The dance is a bodily and spatial interpretation of the music, proposing a visualization of the phenomenon experienced while listening. However, the relationship to the music can also be seen as ‘interactive’ or reversible: the music proposing an ‘audiolization’ of the dance.”

Concept and direction Thomas Hauert
Dance originally created and presented by Thomas Hauert and Chrysa Parkinson
Dance created and presented by (second version) Thomas Hauert and Mat Voorter
Music: J.S. Bach, Allemande from Partita ||, BWV 1004 (Alison Balsom: Trumpet / Antal Szalai: Violin. Thomas Hauert has combined these to make an original score)
Light design Jan Van Gijsel and Thomas Hauert
Production ZOO/Thomas Hauert
Co-production Kaaitheater, Brussels

16 March 2012
16 April 2011
15 April 2011
12 November 2010
02 October 2010
21 March 2010
International Arts Festival of Costa Rica San Jose (CR)
20 March 2010
International Arts Festival of Costa Rica San Jose (CR)
28 November 2009
16 August 2008
11 October 2006
Kaaitheater Brussels (BE)