Motion Bank

2013 online scores

Motion Bank, a project initiated in 2010 by the The Forsythe Company, aims at translating choreographic thinking into innovative visual “objects” based on digital technologies. It provide a broad context for research into choreographic practice. Thomas Hauert is one of the four international choreographers invited to contribute. A multi-disciplinary team from ACCAD and the Department of Dance at the Ohio State University worked in collaboration with him to create “on-line digital scores” which will document and analyse certain aspects of his work. In September 2013, Thomas has been to Columbus, Ohio, with the dancers Sarah Ludi and Samantha van Wissen for a one-week work session at the university.The result has presented late November 2013 in Frankfurt, and made publicly available via the Motion Bank website.

TWO. The works begins and ends with two choreographers unrelated to each other. Thomas Hauert (CH/BE) and Bebe Miller (US). In this project, we have selected two working strategies each from two choreographers that together bring us into a direct encounter with the dancing mind and the thinking body. Both Thomas Hauert and Bebe Miller are currently choreographing improvisation for performance and are engaging directly with the nature of human consciousness. When we watch them and their dance, we are watching them at work. We are the witness to the concentration and forms of attention that they bring to the moment and to how they work with their habits, tendencies, impulses and memories in action.

Creative Directors Maria Palazzi, ACCAD/Design, Norah Zunga-Shaw, ACCAD/Dance
Creative Research Team Matthew Lewis, Graphics Research Scientist, Vita Berezina-Blackburn, Animation Specialist, Malory Spicer, J.Eisenmann and Michael Andereck, Graduate Research Assistants, Melanie Bales, Consulting Movement Analyst, LMA certified

Motion Bank
Preview: Thomas Hauert, Impulse set. Two, a collaborative project for Motion Bank by Maria Palazzi (ACCAD/Design and Norah Zuniga Shaw (ACCAD/Dance) at the Ohio State University

Motion Bank

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