Dance workshop for senior

Dance workshop for senior

In the course of our artistic research, the work of ZOO has led us to develop pedagogical tools. Each meeting with a group (people in professional training, people with disabilities, people who simply like to dance or whose job it is), each meeting allows us to transmit, share and enrich our practice. We pass on a material, and in the course of this transmission we see it changing, adapting, and taking on another meaning in contact with the other.

Together we listen to each other, we build a sensitive language with and through movement, musicality accompanies us.

The project with the residents of Sainte-Gertrude, initiated by Théâtre Les Tanneurs in September 2021, is above all an encounter. An encounter with people who are mostly elderly, in loss of autonomy, sometimes suffering from dementia, no longer enjoying full mobility but attracted by the idea of dancing. The workshops ended in June 2023.

Amour & Sagesse
In september 2023 a new collaboration has started with Amour & Sagesse, Á travers les arts asbl and Forest’s senior citizen service. Twice a month we meet around movement. Dance as a means of communication, as a social link: in its essence, its simplicity, it is what we have in common. A rocking, a touching, a desire to sway to the music, to feel yourself vibrate, palpitate, breathe. To ease, to lighten, to remove the mechanical stress gently. And to share the joy of seeing ourselves dance, of feeling alive.

This project is led by Sarah Ludi and Samantha Van Wissen at ZOO.

Dancers Sarah Ludi, Samantha van Wissen
with the support of Mathilde Lesage, Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Jeanne Boute, Amour & Sagesse, Wioleta Chendoszka, Á travers les arts asbl
Thanks Théâtre Les Tanneurs, CPAS Brussels, Résidence Sainte-Gertrude team, Commune de Forest, Bia Bouquet

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Dance workshop for senior